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Typical Infestation Locations:

Cracks or gaps in the walls, foundations, door frames and window frames.

Methods of Control (DIY):

Keep your home clean, seal cracks and openings, use traps or sticky traps, remove infested items, apply natural repellents, and consider professional help.

Methods of Control (Professional):

Inspection, targeted treatments, fumigations, heat or cold treatments, structural modifications, integrated pest management (IPM), and ongoing monitoring for effective beetle control.

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Prices for beetles

When it comes to treating beetles, we understand that each situation is unique. Various factors, such as the extent of infestation, location, and other key elements, greatly influence the required treatment approach. Consequently, we are unable to provide a specific price without obtaining additional information. However, we assure you that by contacting our team, we will be able to offer you a personalised, no-obligation quote that suits your specific needs. We value your satisfaction and look forward to assisting you in resolving your beetle-related concerns. Give us a call today!

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