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Liverpool Pest Control offers a fast, efficient service to remove pests from your home, both inside and outside. We respond quickly and discretely to solve your pest problems and keep your home free of future infestations.

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Bespoke Treatment

We have a Pest Control Plan for all common types of domestic pest

Nobody likes to endure pests in the home. At best the are a nuisance, at worst they can cause some serious damage. Liverpool Pest Control are experts in removing common pests from your home, returning it to you as a the sanctuary you expect it to be.

Different types of pests require different types of treatment. Some can be dealt with in a single visit, while others may require a series of visits and treatments. We have a comprehensive pest control plan for each type of pest.

Experienced Pest Control

Professional, Experienced Technicians

All of our technicians have the necessary training and qualifications to eliminate your pest problem quickly and effectively, in an environmentally friendly way, that will prevent damage, contamination or exposure to yourself, your family or your pets.

All of our staff are fully trained specialists, who are able to cope with any complications that may arise. Our technicians will deal with any access problems, traffic management and inaccessible locations to give you peace of mind. Over the last two decades we have developed an enviable reputation with local authorities, transport companies, buildings maintenance and construction companies.

Cost Effective

Liverpool Pest Control offers a Discrete and Cost Effective Service

You may not want everyone in your neighbourhood to know you’ve got an infestation of some sort. That’s why all Liverpool Pest Control vehicles are unmarked and unbranded, ensuring we can offer our service discretely.

The cost of the treatment is dependent on a number of factors such as the type of pest, the location of the infestation, the size of the property and more. But with prices starting from just £35 you can be sure we will provide a cost effective and lasting solution to you pest control issues.

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