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Liverpool Pest Control are your local Pest Control Specialists. We cover Ainsdale and surrounding areas for both Commercial & Residential Pest management and eradication.

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Ainsdale area

Ainsdale, PR8, Southport, is a picturesque coastal neighbourhood renowned for its stunning sandy beaches and natural surroundings. Ainsdale Beach is a highlight, stretching miles along the coastline and attracting visitors with its golden sands and serene ambience. The area is further enhanced by the Ainsdale Sand Dunes National Nature Reserve, vast dunes, woodlands, and wetlands that provide a habitat for diverse plant and animal species.

Nature enthusiasts can explore designated trails, immersing themselves in the unique ecosystem. Ainsdale also offers charming parks and gardens, perfect for leisurely walks and picnics amidst lush greenery. The nearby Ainsdale and Formby Pinewoods, ancient pine forests, provide additional opportunities for nature exploration. With its coastal beauty, nature reserves, and green spaces, Ainsdale provides a peaceful escape where residents and visitors can enjoy the tranquillity and natural allure of the area.

Key services

dealing with bees

Wasp and Bee Removal

  • Fast, efficient service
  • No charge for 2nd callout within 14 days
  • Same day service
  • Minimal disruption
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Rodent Control

  • Bespoke treatment plan
  • Professional, discrete service
  • Same day service
  • Child and pet safe methods

Bird Proofing

  • Property protection
  • Netting and spiking installations
  • Guano (excrement) removal
  • Certified bird control measures

Solar Panel Protection

  • Extend the life of your solar panels!
  • Full assessment of your protection needs
  • 10 year guarantee for all parts used
  • No impact on your solar panel warranty
  • Highly trained professional installers

Routine Pest Control

  • Custom service plans for commercial and retail businesses
  • Cost-effective long term pest management
  • Discrete service
  • Reduce the disruption to your business pests can cause
  • 24 / 7 call outs

Solutions for All Pest Types

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