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Speke Garston area

Speke Garston L19, situated in Liverpool, England, is a beautiful and multifaceted area combining modern conveniences and a rich historical legacy. This vibrant area offers diverse attractions and amenities, making it an enticing destination for both residents and visitors. At the heart of Speke Garston is the iconic Liverpool John Lennon Airport, providing convenient air travel connections. The area’s excellent transportation links extend beyond air travel, with accessible road networks and public transport options, facilitating seamless connectivity to the broader region.

Speke Garston boasts a fascinating history deeply intertwined with Liverpool’s maritime heritage. The place was once home to bustling docks and shipbuilding yards, contributing to the city’s economic growth. Today, remnants of this maritime legacy can be discovered through historical landmarks and preserved architectural gems. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the area’s green spaces and parks. The picturesque Speke Hall and Gardens, a magnificent Tudor mansion, offers tranquil gardens and scenic walking trails, providing a serene escape from the urban landscape.

Speke Garston caters to diverse needs and interests, featuring amenities such as shopping centres, supermarkets, and various dining establishments. Residents and visitors can indulge in culinary delights, from international cuisines to traditional local fare. Regarding cultural offerings, Speke Garston benefits from its proximity to The Beatles Story, an immersive museum dedicated to the legendary band that originated in Liverpool. Visitors can delve into the history and impact of the iconic group through engaging exhibits and interactive displays.

Key services

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Wasp and Bee Removal

  • Fast, efficient service
  • No charge for 2nd callout within 14 days
  • Same day service
  • Minimal disruption
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Rodent Control

  • Bespoke treatment plan
  • Professional, discrete service
  • Same day service
  • Child and pet safe methods

Bird Proofing

  • Property protection
  • Netting and spiking installations
  • Guano (excrement) removal
  • Certified bird control measures

Solar Panel Protection

  • Extend the life of your solar panels!
  • Full assessment of your protection needs
  • 10 year guarantee for all parts used
  • No impact on your solar panel warranty
  • Highly trained professional installers

Routine Pest Control

  • Custom service plans for commercial and retail businesses
  • Cost-effective long term pest management
  • Discrete service
  • Reduce the disruption to your business pests can cause
  • 24 / 7 call outs

Solutions for All Pest Types

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